Friday, July 17, 2009

"Tuck" by Stephen Lawhead

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  1. 1. Could you *feel* more of the adventure in this book with our characters from the show...especially since they were all introduced more in this third book?

    2. I had to laugh out loud when Merian decided to leave the camp to see her father and persuade him to help raise troops for Bran. Does she compare to our rash tv Marian? Yet, do you think her ploy was really all that rash?

    3. What did you think of character of Much? Or should I say the lack of his character in this story?

    4. In all great epics there seems to be THE one speech and it was from Tuck. (pg 351) What did you think? Were there others that stirred you?

    4. The death of Angharad and Nia was very emotional for me. I believe she knew her end was coming, therefore, she did what was necessary, yet the death of Nia was very difficult. How did you feel?

    5. When Bran met with King William I loved how his Oath of Fealty was a tribute of a good longbow and a sheaf of arrows to be presented to the Royal Court at Londein. This was one of my favorite parts.....was this yours? What were some that were stand apart favorites?

    6. What did you think of our Friar Tuck? He did seem to be so instrumental in the peace process....(I can hardly wait until season 3!!)

    7. Epilogue......what did you think of Thomas a Dale's bardic tale of the "Rhiban the Hud"?