Friday, July 17, 2009

"Lady of Sherwood" by Jennifer Roberson

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  1. Lady of Sherwood questions
    1. The book begins after a period of five blissful years before King Richard's death. However, Marian and Robin did not wed. What do you think of that?
    2. Does Marian remind you more of our Marian in book 2?

    3. "Scarlet" simply began a new book again, without re-telling of "Hood". "Lady of Sherwood" gives a complete background each time something is referred to from the first book. Which do you prefer?
    4. Are there are some borrowed scenes or ideas from "Lady of Sherwood" in our RH?
    5. This follows many of the RH books philosophy of non-violence unless necessary to save lives. How did you react to the scene where Marian grieves over her first escapade shooting a live person, the horse and wanting to shoot to kill?
    6. What material do you hope the writers of our RH may borrow from this book for season 3?
    7. The classic tale of Robin and the outlaws living in the forest really began in the final chapters of book 2. How did you feel about that?