Friday, July 17, 2009

"Lady of the Forest" by Jennifer Roberson

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  1. Lady of the Forest Questions

    1. What characters most resembled our T.V. characters? What ones were very different form our R.H. characters?

    2. Did the flashbacks into Robin's life in the crusades give you insight into our character?s inner struggle?

    3. This book had more of Guy in it, yet Marian did not play the flirt with him for gains. Did you like this truthfulness from Marian better?

    4. How did Marian?s actions bring on the fire that burned down the house she was dwelling in Locksley? Did this parallel Marian's behavior in our show?

    5. Guy?s background was explained for the readers to gain understanding into his character. If the writers of our show handle his background story in a similar way, will you be sympathetic?

    6. Did you enjoy the writing style? We basically knew what each character was doing and thinking at all times. What were the strengths and drawbacks to this style?

    7. We know nothing about our Robin's family. What aspects of this book would you like to see used in the flashbacks for our Robin?

    8. Did Robin and Marian's first night together bother you, seeing they were not yet married?

    9. Was it difficult to picture the Sheriff as a suitor to Marian?

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